Power Monitoring

Infrared Thermography

Environmental Monitoring

ESD Testing

Low Frequency Magnetic Field Analysis and Mitigation


BETTER TECHNOLOGIES can provide you with a comprehensive list of monitoring services from capacity planning electrical load studies, PUE calculations and IEEE 519 harmonic studies, to infrared preventative maintenance services and temperature and humidity environmental assessments.

Our studies can be useful both in the pre and post construction phases as well as throughout commissioning and performance confirmation testing phases.

We are Licensed Professionals so you can count on us for accurate, honest, and unbiased assessments of your mission critical environments. We have invested over a quarter of a million dollars in Power Quality test equipment and Power diagnostic tools in our local inventory.  SEE OUR TEST EQUIPMENT.

  • Power Quality Monitoring, Analysis, and Trouble Shooting
  • Infrared Thermography Studies and Analysis
  • Electrical Load Studies and Power Consumption Studies
  • Magnetic Field Studies (transformer vaults, cabling, transmission lines, etc.)
  • Forensic Analysis of Failed Electronic Equipment (i.e. power supplies, hard drives, switches, etc.)
  • Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation Studies
  • Electronic Equipment Performance Troubleshooting (VSD’s, Controls, Automated Systems, LAN’s, etc.)
  • Magnetic Shield Design and Construction (shields for transformer rooms, etc.)
  • Grounding System Resistance Testing and Analysis
  • Safety Code 6 Compliance Testing
  • Temperature and Humidity Data Logging and Analysis
  • Electro Static Discharge Studies and Testing (ESD floor and workstation testing)
  • Equipment Failure Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Interference Studies